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Whether I’m trying to capture the rugged scenery of the Bulgarian countryside where I grew up, overlooking a mountainous landscape, or the gentle rolling hills of Surrey where I now live, the natural world is my favourite subject.

I love reflecting the colours of the seasons. Capturing the changing light and colours of the turning seasons and representing the natural world in an abstract form is both a challenge and a pleasure. From autumnal whirls of reds and oranges to austere whites and greys of winter, I try to capture the essence of the landscape whilst leaving something to the imagination of you, the viewer.


I paint mainly from my imagination because I love the freedom of evocation and intuition. This often results in a wide variety of expressive artwork – from florals and semi-abstract landscapes to cosmic and pure abstract work.


I love using lots of different products which means that I am constantly experimenting with them and consequently I work in a large range of media, ranging from oil, charcoal and acrylics to handmade felt and mixed media. I don’t have a particular favourite. It just depends on how I am feeling when I decide to start on a new piece of work.


I like my work to bring happiness for me and the people who view it. We live in very troubled times with so many social, political and economic issues. So, whilst I tend to steer away from the political or social issues, I hope that my work will bring joy and wellbeing to the viewer.


I am largely self-taught, but I enhanced my skills by attending courses at  prestigious art schools in London, first at the University of the Arts London (Central Saint Martins College), where I honed my oil on canvas style and later at London City College, where I was guided to perfect my use of acrylics. I am an exhibiting member of the distinguished Dorking Group of Artists.


Following a career in marketing, I finally turned my passion for art into a full-time occupation. Despite a busy family life in Bookham, I have been exhibiting my work in local and online galleries as well as in numerous art fairs and events in and around Surrey. This has resulted in some really great feedback; many, many happy customers and, fortunately for me, now includes numerous commissions for people and businesses from all around the world.

As well as abstracts, I enjoy the challenge of capturing a likeness, whether of a beloved pet or person. My passion for texture means that I don’t aim for a perfect photographic smoothness but the end result should be an accurate expression of a much-loved subject.

My work also includes crafted pictures, decorations and jewellery-making and design that combines my love for texture and natural materials. These are unique pieces featuring necklaces, bracelets, hair clips and accessories inspired by the natural world - vibrant florals, made of pure merino and mohair wool by using the ancient wet felting process. The end result I am aiming for is an eye-catching designs that is kept as simple as possible. After all, you cannot improve on nature!

I love to share my skills and experience in workshops for both children and adults. For more details please check my workshops page or get in touch.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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