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how to commission

My prices start from £120 per pet for approximately A3 size plus £80 for each additional pet in the same piece. For example 40x50cm size is £150 per pet. 


Please contact me for any abstract art you may wish to purchase or commission. Prices vary depending on the project.


When your pet portrait or abstract art piece is completed I will email a photo of your artwork so that you can make comments as to any changes that you require, or final approval.


Only when you are 100% satisfied with the artwork will I ask for the final payment and postage fees.


Final payment can be made with Paypal or cheque (payable to Anna Clarke), or cash if you live locally. Once the final payment has cleared your pet portrait will be despatched.


Portraits and contemporary abstract art pieces can take two to three weeks to do.

Choosing your photos

It is very important to have a good photograph to work from. The quality of my portrait will be dependent on your photos. You need a photograph that is clear, up close, and is of a pose that is typical of your pet.


The best position of your pet is to have yourself right down at the same level of your pet.

Thank you for your message. I will be in touch with you shortly. Kind regards, Anna

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